Response to Animal Research

Ethics is a huge part of society and to every human being. It goes into what some individual thinks is right or wrong, and the moral principles that determine their behavior and actions in any given situation. On this subject of ethics, I chose to further expand on the blog post written by Kat Vidic. … Continue reading Response to Animal Research

Potential Boundaries and Limitations with Market Research

When conducting market research, you want to gather as much information as possible to fix or improve a problem within your business or company. You always want your research to be successful, however there are a few boundaries and limitations when it comes to conducting research. In this blog, I will be discussing some of … Continue reading Potential Boundaries and Limitations with Market Research

Focus Groups

This week’s blog will be about focus groups! Focus groups can help companies and businesses find out information about issues consumers may be having with them, as well as positive information the consumer enjoys or likes. Our Market Research class was given a video to watch on a focus group session discussing airline travel. It … Continue reading Focus Groups

“Big Data” and Why It’s So Big

When most people hear the word “data”, they think of boring number-crunching, graphs, and sitting at a computer all day analyzing information. However, data is much more than that after a documentary I watched in Market Research class. The documentary was called “Big Data Revolution”, and I was absolutely amazed at what I saw and … Continue reading “Big Data” and Why It’s So Big

Library Presentation on Market Research

Hello, everyone! I am back with my second blog post! For this particular blog, I will be discussing the recent presentation I attended at the Wesleyan Library to learn more about the resources available when conducting market research. In my Market Research class, two groups were each assigned the same company to do research on. … Continue reading Library Presentation on Market Research