Library Presentation on Market Research


Hello, everyone! I am back with my second blog post! For this particular blog, I will be discussing the recent presentation I attended at the Wesleyan Library to learn more about the resources available when conducting market research.

In my Market Research class, two groups were each assigned the same company to do research on. The group I am in is conducting research to help the Wesleyan Admissions office with more promotional information to share with potential students who may be interested in attending Wesleyan, as well as to the Buckhannon and surrounding communities. We will be doing a fair amount of research of our own as well as looking at secondary information that has been done in the past. We hope that any and all of the information we collect will be beneficial to Wesleyan in the future.

Now on to my visit to the library. My whole Market Research class were given a presentation and the purpose was to educate us about five different research sources that we could use when trying to come up with solutions to our organization’s problem. During the presentation, we looked at Communication Source, Sage Journals, Mintel, Statista, and BrowZine. Each of these are great research sources that will give you unique information depending on which one you use. Statista will mainly give you statistics in the form of graphs so you can see how the information looks visually. Communication Source is mainly marketing and advertising information, which can be very handy when trying to find out ways our company can market and advertise themselves in a more creative way. The other three research sources function in some of the same ways as the other two I described. All of the information was very useful and I can see my group using some, if not all, of these sources.

What I took away from this presentation is Wesleyan has so many online research sources and databases that are free for students to use in any subject. It is very convenient because all of the information is right there for you to access. You can even download some of the information you find to your computer and save it for a later use or just so you remember you have certain information. Wesleyan tries very hard to make sure all of their students have any and every research option available at any time. The presentation was very helpful to me because I learned about new research sources that I had never heard of before. I know I will be putting the information to good use once my group starts conducting our research.

I hope you all find this blog informative and you can get some good information out of it if you are doing research of your own! If there is anyone reading this who isn’t a Wesleyan student, you now know more about what makes Wesleyan so unique and what they have to offer their students! Once again, I enjoyed writing another blog for you all!!


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