Qualitative Research

Qualitative research is collected through a wide range of open ended questions that help a company or business gain information on a current problem they may be having. You can find out qualitative data by conducting focus groups, having one-on-one interviews with employers of the company and their consumers, or handing out surveys. It ultimately can depend on the situation or problem to which it’s being used for on how effective or not it will be. If it is used in the right situations or context, then it can be very effective to the company or business. Qualitative research can be effective in several ways, which I will be explaining in this blog post!

When conducting qualitative research, the subject and issues being discussed can be examined in-depth, and this can make the conclusions of the data more accurate. If the questions being asked in a focus group are very specific, a company can pinpoint exactly how to fix the problem in the most effective way possible. Qualitative research also isn’t limited to pre-determined variables. The variables can be changed or modified depending on the problem the company is dealing with and what type of research they are trying to find out from consumers. The framework and the direction of the research can be completely refreshed as new findings and information come along regarding the research the company needs. If a company has a complicated problem they are trying to find a solution to, qualitative research can be much more helpful than quantitative research. It will give a company the most information and they will be able to get personal responses and suggestions from their consumers.

Overall, qualitative research is the best method of research for a company to invest in because it gives them direct information ad opinions from the consumers. It also helps them determine whether or not they need to change how they promote, advertise, or produce their products or services. It is a great investment for any company to make if they are thinking of doing any type of research to improve the company as a whole.



One thought on “Qualitative Research

  1. Great post, but you didn’t follow the assignment. Make sure you check with Blackboard so you don’t get off point. Also, when making a factual statement, such as “qualitative research is the best method of research for a company to invest in because it gives them direct information ad opinions from the consumers,” be sure to back that up with research that supports it, either your own or from a credible source. pc


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