Evaluative Surveys

One time or another, everyone has been asked to do a survey, whether it be for a class or for a specific product. Most of the time, people do not like participating in surveys because they think their opinion won’t be considered or they just don’t want to take the time to fill it out. From a marketing and a business standpoint, however, surveys can be very helpful to them if they are conducting some type of research. It can give them an idea on what consumers like about a product, the business’ customer service, or how they can improve in the future. In this blog, I’ll be talking about how valuable an evaluative survey can be to a company and the useful information they can gather when doing these types of surveys.

Last semester, I was in a class called Web Design, and our final project was to create a website on any organization on Wesleyan’s campus. My group chose to do our website on Greek Life and what it can offer a student if they were to join. The website would feature information about each sorority and fraternity and what was unique about each one. This would give students an idea which sorority or fraternity they thought they would potentially want to join. Before we published our website onto the internet, we had to do what is called Beta Testing. We sent out our website to other students who we knew on campus, as well as professors and family members to evaluate the website. Along with the website, we sent out a survey we made asking what they liked about the site, what could be improved, what caught their attention the most, etc. The feedback we would receive from them would help us fix certain things on the website to make it better. We received many responses from the survey we sent out and they definitely helped us improve the site. We got to hear what other people thought about the site and if it was appealing.

As marketers conducting the research, we were able to gather information and responses directly from the people we sent the surveys to about the website to make it better and to get their thoughts about different elements on the site. It was very helpful to us because we got to hear what other people thought about different things on the website we might not have thought of. As the participants of the survey, we expected or hoped they would be honest with their answers and actually take the time to fill out our survey. It was a pretty short survey, which was probably a good sign for them because they could fill it out in a matter of minutes and be done with it. If the survey participant filled out the survey, they would get the satisfaction of helping us out with useful information about the website and we, as the survey conductors, could use their answers to improve the website.

As you can see, evaluative surveys can be very helpful to any business needing information on a product or an area of the business they would like to improve on. These types of surveys are great to do in any situation because you get direct and personal answers from your participants. The surveys can ask specific questions depending on the subject so the business can get accurate and precise answers on what information they are looking for.




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